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The Frost Hat


Over a century ago, Carrie Frost became frustrated with the fact that fishing flies had to be imported from Great Britain. She began tying her own, and became one of the best in the country. A short time after, Frost opened C.J Frost Fishing Tackle Manufacturing Co., which would go on to be one of the largest tackle producers ever. Her american made flies were the first of their kind, and we’re trying to blaze some trails in a similar fashion.

The deep navy canvas twill and ice-white polyester mesh construction is rugged and robust; dependable in all of your fishing excursions. Like all of our hats, patent pending Secure FlyPatch Technology is ‘lazer-welded’ to the bill; ensuring your flies don't go anywhere. This resilient silicone will hold as many flies as you can stick in it, for as long as you need.

The "size 28" details:

-6 panel trucker construction
-navy canvas twill
-polyester mesh
-double plastic snap rear closure
-3D cotton embroidery on front
-Patented Hybrid-Silicone SFP application


If your hat fails you on or off the water due to construction or material failure - Send it in and we will send you a new hat.  We stand behind what we make.


(Secure FlyPatch Technology)
  • ROUND - 1.5" Diameter
  • CLAW - 3.5" L x 1.3" W

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