Fall Hat Collection

The WaltonThe Walton

The Walton

The BergmanThe Bergman

The Bergman



The Get Out There TeeThe Get Out There Tee

The Get Out There Tee

Tha Funk TeeTha Funk Tee

Tha Funk Tee

The Sportfishing TeeThe Sportfishing Tee

The Sportfishing Tee

The Angler TeeThe Angler Tee

The Angler Tee



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Our patented Secure FlyPatch Technology ("SFP Tech") is unobtrusive and ultra useful. Our proprietary hybrid-silicone SFP application is lazer-welded to the bill, ensuring that your flies won't go anywhere. The SFP tech will hold as many flies as you can stick in it, for as long as you need.